H. Theresa Daly RN (retired) MSW, RSW


As of  June 30, 2016 I  stopped providing 1:1 counselling.

 I have decided to focus my efforts solely on providing assessments of capacity.

Please contact the following counselors for help and support:

  1. Elizabeth Schramm MSW RSW 519-994-7780
  2. Natalie Wilton  MSW RSW 226-808-8519
  3. Lisa Woolgar M.Ed. 519-994-0345 (especially for grief and life transitions)


Some final thoughts about “Authentic Aging”

As I close my 1:1 counselling service,and after more than forty years working in health care, I have come to the conclusion that successful aging is not marked by an ability to stay young, but rather by the ability to be “authentically older”.  Being “authentically older” means you consciously stand up to a culture that values speed, productivity and youthful beauty.  If you look to our culture to find your worth as you age, you will be disappointed. If you look to yourself, you will be surprised to discover how much you still have to offer.  Older adults always have a role, to teach younger people how to age and in the end, how to face death. Even the oldest of our elderly can teach us “how to grow old in this culture”

Compassionate Caregiving

Taking care of someone you love may be the most rewarding and most challenging work you will ever do. Caregivers, male and female, still carry the expectations of generations before; that a family should take care of their own. This expectation has not recognized the societal changes that see more women working full time and more elderly family members living longer than generations before. Still, it is a belief held dearly by many people – to provide care for their own.

Health care now is an excellent, complex and fragmented system and caregivers describe that fatigue results, not from providing care, but from having to navigate the system! There are more specialists keeping people alive. A bigger system means more driving to appointments with specialists, more pills to consider taking, more decisions to be made, perhaps more denial that the end of life is coming. Time in counselling can help you slow down to take care of your emotional needs.