Capacity Assessments

I have prepared this site to inform you about the process of a capacity assessment and what the cost might be. If applicable, I will ask you to sign an agreement and return it to me prior to the assessment.

Screening: A capacity assessment may result in the loss of a person’s right over their own decision making for finances or personal care. An assessment should not be entered into lightly. Prior to an assessment I will be asking a requester detailed questions about the current situation to help determine the least restrictive response to the difficulty a person is having. I will be asking what the current situation is, what decisions are not being made and if there is any imminent risk.

I will ask what the likely threats to decision making are, in other words, what conditions may be interfering with a person’s ability to make their own decisions.

The person who requests capacity assessment is responsible for paying for the assessment. It is not covered by OHIP.

Process – In any capacity assessment I have to:

  • interview or have a discussion with the person assessed
  • interview or have a discussion with the requester and possibly other people
  • consult with other professionals

I may have to:

  • obtain records present or past
  • review these records
  • complete the assessment forms which are required in a capacity assessment

I also ask you to cover the expenses of the assessment which may include:

  • postage/handling. All reports will be mailed in “secure” mail out
  • photocopies
  • travel time and expenses / an hourly rate plus distance
  • long distance charges (telephone or fax)
  • providing additional copies of forms

In the event that this assessment requires an appearance before the Consent and Capacity Board or a court, or if additional information is requested after the assessment is completed I will charge for:

  • providing additional information
  • preparing for the court appearance
  • travel time and expenses
  • appearing in court

Assessments can take 4 hours or up to 15 hours depending on the complexity of the case and the number of areas being assessed.

People who have trouble paying may qualify for financial assistance from the Capacity Assessment Office.  1-866-521-1033